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How Secure are you?

CyberRating can help you understand your business and IT security position. We provide you with a Ratings Dashboard with which to assess how robust your data & IT security processes are. Our platform is based upon the UK Cyber Essentials scheme with a number of valuable enhancements. You can optionally request accreditation via our accreditation partner. Additionally you can manage your IT assets and monitor device status if you subscribe to our preferred inventory tool provided by Applixure.

This platform has been developed over several years working with Cyber Essentials practitioners, IASME the Cyber Essentials accreditation body, Microsoft and others.

Get your Cyber Rating

Prove to your customers and suppliers that you are safe to work with. Identify and resolve gaps in your processes and IT before they are breached. Get our Rating, and get accredited with the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme.

Simple Steps

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Select the subscription you want during registration.

We recommend a subscription that includes Applixure.

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Fully complete the online questionnaire.

Opt-in for Cyber Essentials Accreditation here if you wish.

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Optionally upload your IT Inventory for us to analyse. Our APPLIXURE tool link makes this easy.

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Click "Get Report" to view your rating, score, recommendations and answers. You can amend your answers back in Step 2 as often as you like. 


We believe it is important for all businesses to be IT and Data safe and to know whether they are doing the most to be safe. Even though GDPR has been with us for a while now relatively few businesses have demonstrated that they take security seriously by obtaining Cyber Essentials Accreditation. Companies that have become accredited are significantly less likely to suffer a data breach.


Yes! When you signup you can opt to include a great IT Asset management tool from our partner Applixure. It is a cloud-based IT Inventory information and status tool that helps you to regularly monitor your device security status. We strongly recommend using this. You can also link this extra information into the Cyberrating platform to provide a richer assessment experience. Overall this will help you understand where specific where action may be needed, for example if certain PCs need updating or users accounts need tighter controls.


Our system is based closely on Cyber Essentials and will help you to understand your current status and to decide if you can obtain Accreditation. Go to the review portal by clicking the PINK 'START HERE' button on this page. Then follow the steps shown.


Sometimes referred to as Business Email Compromise, most security breaches arrive via email. These including phishing or other confidence tricks that fool you into taking steps that allow hackers access to your systems, data, and bank accounts.

We provide a specific section to help you understand the security issues with email. We assess your email processes and understanding of email security issues and provide a rating and recommendations. This contributes to your over CyberRating score.


By completing the straightforward questionnaire on our secure site you will obtain a Cyber Security Rating and advisory reports. We call this our INSIGHTS service because it provides you with an excellent assessment of your existing security standing. You can then work with your IT supplier or an IT security specialist to make the technical and procedural changes necessary to ensure that you are as well protected as possible. You will also be better able to attain Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation if desired. 

If you also subscribed to Applixure during sign-up you will have access to a great IT asset management and status monitoring tool.


Of course. You can download our guide which summarises the self-assessment and explains some of today's key threats. Also on the main site you can download detailed explanations on how it works BEFORE you make the commitment to register. Get our Guide

Improve and Grow

When you have completed the assessment and reviewed our reports you can proceed to strengthen your security posture and take advantage of your improvements.


Prepare a plan to address any issues found that you are able to deal with. In particular make sure you plan to block any high-risk areas of vulnerability in your systems, process and management. This should cover everything - not just IT. Don't forget that most security breaches are caused by individuals taking data away and are not caused by hackers.


By choosing to work with an Accreditor you will get advice on how to deal with areas of vulnerability. You may need to resolve some of these before you can be accredited. Once you are accredited you can win more business as existing and new customers will gain extra confidence in you.


Get help from your existing suppliers and specialists to deal with all risk identified. You may need to update your IT systems, alter your HR policies, change your physical security procedures. You should schedule regular system penetration tests and re-configure IT systems based on the test results. You may need to appoint a Security Officer (for GDPR this means a formally appointed Data Protection Officer).


With the effort you have invested you should make the most of this. Publicise this to your customers. Build new services knowing that you can demonstrate best-practice processes. You can also bid for Public Sector contracts that you might previously have been unable to take on. Present your security score and accreditation status to your bank and insurance provider to secure the best deals.

What we do

The Cyber Security Insights report is provided by Astria Ltd. We have over 25 years experience building solutions for the IT Industry. Much of this time we have focused on building and running IT Self-Assessment platforms for Software Asset Management including Cyber Assessment. These have been used globally by major software vendors and their partners. We have now made this technology available for use directly by end user businesses. Click the button below to find out more.